Groucho 8GM Founder
Roger W8RJ Net Control
Buck KE8UB Scruples Manager
Lynn WD8RNO Oscoda Lynn (SK)
Tom KF8DX Blow Torch
Joe N3BDI Lush (Wed Only)
Jim VA3ZW Beer Manager
Dave WJ8R Baofeng Director
Tim KA8DDZ Frequency Cop
Bruce WZ2Z Freq Standard (SK)
Don KC2OEB Prosecutor (SK)
Bob K8DJR Eye Bob
Tom KT8Y Legal Counsel
Eric N8ZSK Drunken Bum (SK)
Jack N9EX Email Manager (SK)
Mike W8RF Callsign Manager
Joe W8HR KY Joe (SK)
James KY4JLS KY James
Ron WA9SMY We don't know
Ed N8MGW Sergeant at Arms (SK)
Jim W3VEX Right Wing Nut
Herman W6XRL4 What can one say
Dave W8YG Hugs Manager
John W9ZY No Clue
Roy NT8V The only sane one
Jim N8DQU Just Hale Jim
Popeye K8RMX The other Roger
Marty K8CMR Leftover Marty
Vincent VE3ELB Another Canadian
Bill N1ASS Politeness Manager
Ron W8FDX Enforcement  Director
Cameron N8CAM Snot nosed kid
Dan W8FBE Backup Alert Manager
Jim K8JK Resident Observer
Neil K8RX Patriarch
Livonia Hamfest 2011
Barry KD2FQP Bomb Cyclone Barry
Joe K6WAZ Emmy Award Winner
Don VA3ZV Mischievous Canadian
Dave W8UAB Troublemaker
Nick W8NVC Battery Tester
Tim WD8TIM Sick Twisted Human